Latest COVID-19 update

Dear Family and Friends,

This past Sunday over 1300 flights across the U.S were canceled and an additional thousand flights each day so far this week, stranding tens of thousands of passengers, mostly as a result of Covid spread.

This past Monday NorthShore Health Systems one of the largest in our area, announced they are no longer permitting visitors in the Hospital due to Covid concerns.

So it comes as no surprise that yesterday December 29, the State of Illinois recorded just under 21,000 new Covid cases.

We unfortunately added 2 of our staff members to those statistics, one from the nursing department and one non nursing. They have both been furloughed for the time being. The staff present, and residents have been tested with rapid tests, thankfully, all residents tested were negative. We will continue testing staff on bi weekly bases and residents as needed. Be assured, should a resident test positive during screening, you the next of kin, or listed responsible party will be contacted directly.

The Medical Director has requested that families consider curtailing or at least postponing visits to residents, during this unusual Covid surge, as many individuals infected with the new Omicron variant can go undetected without actual symptoms, contributing to its spread.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to call me or Courtney. Let’s keep masking  and social distancing just a little bit longer.

Stay Safe,

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