Rehabilitation and Transitional Care

NUrse talking blood pressureGNeither age nor illness should dictate the activity level of a loved one. Our Medicare-certified rehabilitation program uses an interdisciplinary team approach. Our committed and experienced staff of professionals possesses the proficiency and knowledge to effectively treat people with orthopedic, neurological, or cardiovascular conditions. We work closely with your personal physician or orthopedic surgeon to provide a tailor-made treatment plan. By carefully listening to patients, as well as closely observing them we are able to identify their needs and place them in their proper rehabilitation programs. The objective of our rehabilitation program is to return our residents to their fullest potential.

Physical Therapy

imageOur in-house physical therapy staff is patient and nurturing. Our main objective is to help our residents succeed in their rehabilitation while offering them the most comforting and attentive care possible. Our physical therapy helps our residents overcome the obstacles in front of them and achieve their goals.

We specialize in the following physical therapy treatment areas:


  • Hip Fractures
  • Hip Replacements or Implants
  • Knee Replacements
  • Orthotics and Prosthetics
  • Pain Management


  • Stroke Treatment
  • Stroke Rehabilitation
  • Hemorrhagic Stroke


  • Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Post M.I. Post Cardiac Surgery

Parkinson’s disease:

  • Ambulation
  • Balance
  • Stiff Muscles
  • Tremors

Occupational Therapy

imageWe understand the importance of your loved ones’ ability to communicate with you. This is why we offer excellent speech and voice services. We develop a personalized program for each resident to focus on refining their communication capabilities.

Our Occupational Therapy program includes:

  • ADL Retraining
  • Adaptive Equipment
  • Cognitive Training
  • Home Assessment & Training
  • Postural Control

Speech Therapy

imageOur dedicated Occupational Therapists are patient and caring. We help residents improve their gross and fine-motor skills by setting reasonable goals and working hard to accomplish them. We are sensitive to the abilities of every resident and focus on essential controlled movements like shaking hands or giving a hug.

Our services include:

  • Cognitive Retraining
  • Expressive Language
  • Speech and Swallowing Skills Remediation
  • Voice Therapy

If you have questions about our services, please give us a call today at 773-973-5333.

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